Thursday, September 18, 2014


Guest Contributer

Anthropomorphism. As a youngster it was simple, as a teenager it stirred questions and at age thirty nine it is my saving grace, and the only portal I feel open to me as the Day of Judgment approaches. 

Long gone are my dreams of attaining any serious level of spirituality. The understanding that even a most  elementary level of spiritually must begin with true self-nullification or “hisbatlus” and an unwavering commitment to cling to G-d or “divaikus” has left me wanting. The road would be difficult enough if it were clear, but along the way contradictions begets doubt and doubt poisons passion sending a broken heart into a paralyzing slumber. When to compromise and when to hold out, when to take action and when to sit by – very few are certain – and we have all seen the evils of a false certainty. The world too screams its questions adding to the din, the good suffer and the wicked prosper, the weak are trampled while the strong pervert, understanding is lost, the moral compass is broken, vulgarity and dishonesty have gained an upper hand and are now the norm.

Where are the leaders? Where are the ones that comfort and shed light? Where are the ones we can hold up proudly, the ones we can all follow blindly and trust when they tell us to march into the sea.

With the world in its current state how can one celebrate the birth of its creation – has it all been a terrible mistake, a cosmic error? Has G-d’s experiment failed as it did before the great flood?

All I have is Faith, faith that G-d loves us beyond any reason. Parental love just is – like a law of nature.

I don’t understand the cosmic plans, or even what’s expected of me at this point – I just hold onto the one fact that G-d who controls every aspect of the universe  loves me along with all of humanity and creation as a father loves his child – It is this thought alone that steadies my legs as I stand in the house of prayer on Judgment Day.

Of course I need to better myself but for now it’ll have to be one small step at a time. I believe the "footsteps of redemption" are my own, slowly and carefully stepping in the right direction.