Saturday, November 25, 2006


In my most recent post about Yitzchak I a made a gross error. I wrote (parenthetically):

Tellingly, the one place where the Torah does say that Yitzchak “settled” was when he was banished from Gerar to the valley outside the city (Bereishit 26:16-17). Only in an exile within an exile does Yitzchak feel comfortable enough to settle down!

This is false. Just a few verses earlier the Torah states explicitly that Yitzchak settled in Gerar (26:6). It happens to be a verse of distinction - it is the shortest in the Torah. (Maybe that's why I missed it?) I have edited the mistake out of that post.

I must say that I am quite disappointed in my readership for failing to point this out. Never assume that the rabbi is right!


  1. i never assume the rabbi is right, but you should never assume that the reader didn't notice!

  2. you noticed and didn't say anything?!