Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elul Audio

Two pieces of news: Firstly, the audio files below are now all in mp3 format allowing Apple fans to download them straight into their iwhatevers. Second, I've switched to "Box" for hosting my audio files. Now you can easily stream or download the talks. The download button is near the top right corner of the page. You'll see it. Enjoy.

Here are some recent (as in yesterday) and not so recent audio files to help prepare our hearts, minds and lives for the upcoming Days of Awe. Special thanks to Mr. Selwyn Gerber for graciously hosting these classes at Gerber & Co. in Century City.

Let Us Make Man: Experiments and Exercises for Elul (2012)

Before Teshuvah: Uncomfortable Questions for the Month of Elul (2011)

There Once Was an Elul: What Elul Was, Isn't, and Might Be (2010)

For more on Elul, click on the Elul label below, or take a look at our Elul Book Club blog. Keep in mind that the Elul Book Club has numerous contributors. The name of the author appears at the bottom of each post.

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